dea security

TORSUS intrusion system line is employed for the protection of rigid metal fences such as heavy welded panels and palisades.

 TORSUS consists of special torsion sensors which perceive the flexions and the torsions of the bearing posts during an intrusion attempt for shock, breakthrough and cut. The particular shape of the sensor and the use of a special piezoceramic transducer provide TORSUS systems a very high sensitivity which can even detect climbing actions performed without causing vibrations and noise.

TORSUS systems can be installed on different types of grill fences, both industrial and craftmade. The sensors are fixed to the base of the bearing posts, along the inside fence; in some cases, they can be even installed inside the posts, becoming completely invisible.

TORSUS systems has a high tolerance towards adverse weather conditions (wind, rain, snow and strong temperature ranges) and to man-made factors nearby the fence, such as heavy traffic roads and railways. The efficiency of TORSUS sensors is not influenced by the presence of vegetation near the fence, such as high grass and small bushes, or by evergreen climbing plants covering the fence.

Like SERIR systems, TORSUS systems represent the outer layer of protection: this enables you to leave the system in operation 24/7, letting people move freely inside the protected area.

TORSUS systems are factory prewired to simplify the installation and reduce the electrical junctions to be made in the field.

  • Different versions available (distance between sensors, colours)
  • 50-metre alarm zones
  • Climbing detection
  • Wide range of versions (distance between sensors, colours)
  • Flexibility of sensor cable
  • High wear-resistance