dea securitySISMA CP is a buried system which detects the seismic waves generated by a person walking on surfaces with no concrete foundations  (lawn surface or covered with gravel, asphalt or interlockings). It creates a completely invisible detection band which, according to the customer’s  needs, can protect the terrain all around the target area or can be employed along pathways or driveways. 

czujnik sejsmiczny

SISMA CP uses heavy-duty “geoseismic” sensors composed of a piezoceramic transducer; they are installed at 60cm depth, therefore they are  compatible with normal gardening jobs and maintenance activity on the surface (for example reasphalting activity). Such a feature, together with the  sensor technology and the sophiticated analysis algorithm, guarantee a very high tolerance towards climatic variations. The sensors are terrain following and maintenance free; they are not subject to electric failures since they do not contain any active electronic  component. Both the sensors and the connection cable have been designed according to very strict specifications to make them suitable for a permanent use in the  soil. The cable is also provided with a thick galvanized iron braid armour for a rodent-proof protection.

For an easy and quick installation of the system, the sensors are provided in prewired strings of 10, 30 or 50 metres. These three different  lengths allow to dimension the zones according to the kind of surface and the route to be protected. Along a SISMA CP string, the sensors are alternately assembled on two different connection lines, so that an intruder walking on the string could  generate a signal on both of the lines at the same time. In this way, the system processes a “double consent” to effectively discriminate possible  environmental nuisance from actual intrusions.

SISMA CP makes the alarm signals available through dry contacts, but it can also use DEA NET centralization network and consequently integrates  other DEA Security’s systems or 3rd party devices.