PTZ-35X140 MS

Flir_LogoThe best thermal security cameras in the business.
The SR-35 × 140 MS and PTZ-35 × 140 MS are powerful multi-sensor (MS) thermal camera systems for medium- to long-range security applications. In addition to a high-quality TV camera, the fixed SR variant and the pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) variant each have two thermal imagers: a 35 mm camera for wide-angle surveillance, and a long-range 140 mm camera. Both 35 × 140 MS camera systems have the performance of military grade imagers at a fraction of the cost. Security operators can field them as portable stand-alone cameras, or integrate them into expansive camera networks.

  • See in total darkness, through smoke, dust and light fog
  • Detect man-sized threats out to 1.8 miles
  • Dual field of view thermal imaging with continuous zoom
  • Long-range daylight/lowlight camera
  • Fast, precise pan/tilt mechanism
  • Simultaneous presentation of telephoto picture within wide-angle picture
  • Network ready with IP control and MPEG digital video output
  • Pelco D serial control
  • Composite video output for use with a broad range of video management and display systems
  • Advanced mapping, geo-location, and programmable slew to cue functions available
  • High contrast imagery optimized to get the most out of video analytics software to create virtual perimeters
  • No need for the expense and complication of added lighting infrastructure
  • All-weather construction
  • Backed by FLIRTM – the world leader in thermal security cameras

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