ciasAlfa is part of a CIAS program of “return of microwave” in indoor protections; this means return to reliability and high security, not only in banks or high risks sites, but also in the civil sector, where in last years indoor microwaves have clashed over price or bad quality problems. cias as an investment for the future, proposes to the installer a product with quality and performance guaranteed by CIAS trademark itself, and price aligned to market request thanks to new production procedures.

Alfa is a doppler microwave internal detector. This is already synonymous with high security for all the installers in the market. In fact a doppler detector, by its nature will not allow the intruder to mask himself. Furthermore alfa also has the anti masking function for the detector itself.

If we add that alfa is the result of the latest studies of CIAS, that is used to project normally microwaves detector for external, we also add a step of reliability and experience to this little jewel. Is important to underline that alfa is the result of 30 years of studies of cias on the external microwave technology, in this case applied indoor, where the environmental “problems” are much lower.

alfa_obrazek_000ALFA IS IMQ APPROVED
For some installers the cias brand may not be sufficient, and for this reason we went to imq to test alfa and it has been approved to the maximum performance levels. it is available for I and II level IMQ ALLARMI.

Alfa is a detector that is easy to use.

  1. cable and position the alfa in the area to be protected, normally in high position with diagonal orientation looking downwards;
  2. set the range and movement sensitivity (refer to the manual or cias for further suggestions).

“Microwave detector = microwave oven, so it cooks me”: this is a common sentence that some users repeat. Alfa is a latest generation detector for emissions. For this reason is possible to assure the customers of the complete safety of the detector, also making reference to studies by the world health organization (for further information refer to CIAS).

Alfa is the heir of the dear old “big dopplers” which had good performance (certainly the cias one) but big, expensive, ugly… from these old ancestors, alfa has inherited all the experience and technology from the field, and is 3 or 4 times smaller, so discrete and appealing. alfa is also available in different colours (limited version colours: salmon, yellow, green-blue). so from the bank to the museum, from the jewellers to the villa, it is possible to have the confidence of a high security anti-masking detector, also making the architects happy

Saying “alfa is cheap” could be a concept not 100% clear and surely relative. To give a better idea we can say that alfa has a price of a medium double technology. So a “pure microwave” that from everyone is a technology recognized as maximum level of security, at the price level of a double technology.

Tech features

Range = 15 m adjustable
Integration = continuos adjustment
Protection field size = 80° horizontal / 40° vertical
Power supply = 13,8Vdc
Consumption = 30 mA
Tamper = output Anti opening (Anti removal on joint optional)
Antimasking = Electronic
Dimensions = 62 x 80 x 36 mm
Certifications = IMQ I and II level
Filters = 100Hz for fluorescent light